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Finezza a Montreal custom/bespoke tailor, designs handmade suits and tuxedo with the right touch of finesse, elegance refining your style while maintaining your individuality. Regardless of the situation. Whether it’s a professional event or a personal event, our unique tailored suits will adjust to your body type giving you an air of confidence while preserving your personality Download Windroy 2.8.0. The suit is not only an article of clothing but a suit of armour for the modern man. With a lifetime guarantee, Finezza suits will aide you in every upcoming step and will help you obtain any goal.



We have built a solid reputation from word of mouth thanks to our top of the line creations and our efficient service offered both at home or at the office 집결호. We offer more selection to our clients than other stores are able to. Our quality work and the vast experience that our tailors have guarantee that every detail is perfect when it comes to our suits. Each suit is treated with the utmost care and represents the distinct signature look that belongs solely to Finezza. Our signature look: A cut sculpting each silhouette with the most exceptional materials



Our tailored shirts are handmade in Montreal by our highly experienced workers Download youtube age-restricted videos. The fabric used in these works of art is imported from the most reputable and antique European mills. Whether the shirt is made of cotton, wool or linen, if it’s textured, colored or classic, our shirts are perfectly fitted to your specific bodytype. Our ultimate goal is to assure a perfect creation for all of your potential needs.



We have a large selection of ties, pocket squares, boutonniers… These exclusive Finezza items are handmade in our Montreal or Parisien workshop bank signer. We strive for detailed finishes, alluring vibrant colors, with our suits made in a more subtle color palette for our clients.


Our Creations


Coming from a long line of tailors with over 150 years of experience, Finezza has a unique know-how when it comes to the creation of their suits. They apply the highest standards while perfectly meshing tradition with the modern way. As our name suggests, Finezza is done with utmost finesse: subtle details, high quality fabric, and meticulous creation 미생 pdf. Our suits represent our clients in the form that each one is unique. Our goal is to understand your needs, your personality, and your body type to get a result that best represents your style and who you are.
At home, your office or in our Montreal Showroom, Finezza is ready to serve you.



Our suits come with a lifetime guarantee Download your memory. If the fabric doesn’t react properly, if the seams become undone, if buttons break, contact us and we will take care of it for free.



Brought to life by our master tailor, our suits are unique because they are custom-made and created by hand. Our suits require multiple fitting appointments due to the unique patterns we use. We apply the highest standards in creating our suits beginning with the best fabrics and ending with perfectly finished details Astro Confession. A unique suit for a each person.



With over 150 years of knowledge within our family business, Finezza offers a personalized service with the utmost attention for each and every customer.

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Make an Appointment

We are ready to serve you at home, your office or in our Montreal Showroom. It’s all made easy with our 3 steps process :


1st visit

Beginning the relationship while establishing your tastes and preferences. Meadurements are taken and the fabric along with other components (lining, buttons, button positions, shoulder type, backhand, pant details, finishes, etc…) are selected.


2nd visit

Meet for the first fitting on canvas of the jacket as well as the pants. Refine the outfit, make any potential changes that need to be done on the outfit. Selection of buttons and suggested accessories.


3rd visit

Depending on the first fitting, the third meeting is a either a formality and delivery of the finished suit or a second fitting on canvas, which would then require a fourth visit.

Make an Appointment

The creation of a handmade suit takes approximately a month and a half and can take up to three months depending on the season and the requests.

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